US economic indicators not justify forecasts

US economic indicators not justify forecasts

A number of key economic indicators for October have been announced in the U.S.
Report informs, although the unemployment rate exceeded the forecast, other indicators were weak. Thus, the unemployment rate in October was projected at 4.2%, while the actual was 4.1%.
While average hourly wage expected to increase by 0.2%, there has been no change in this indicator. Also, employment rate of the non-agricultural sector increased by 261,000 people instead of predicted 310,000 people. Also, the negative trade balance was $ 300 million more ($ 43.5 billion) in September. As a result, the dollar began to decline. The USD/EUR, which is the main currency pair, has risen from 1.1640 to 1.1690.
Analytical Group of Report informs, despite the relative weakening of the indicators, dollar will strengthen and fall below 1.16 USD/EUR level in short period of time.