Preparation for the winter semester at UNEC

Preparation for the winter semester at UNEC

The status of the preparation for winter semester of 2017/18 academic year was discussed at UNEC.

In the meeting chaired by the rector of  UNEC, participated the heads of the relevant structural divisions and the chairman  of the Public Supervisory Board of UNEC, the head of the  Non-governmental Organization “XXI Century”  Etibar Aliyev.

The rector, professor Adalat Muradov, pointed out the importance of the objectivity in the assessment of the knowledge of the students, ensuring the  transparency, the participation of the public and civil society representatives in the examination process and said that this year the control over the winter semester was entrusted to the Public Supervisory Board of UNEC, as well.

The members of  the Supervisory Board will organize conducting by any Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) operating in the field of education, the anonymous inquiries regarding the written examinations provided in the economic-oriented speciality disciplines. During the semester, the members of the  Supervisory Board, will held without the participation of the UNEC authorities, the “Open Doors”, receive the appeals of the students and their parents. At the same time, they will discuss the results of the semester, as well.

In addition, the examination commission under the chairmanship of deans will be established  in all faculties. The commission will make appropriate decisions in solving the problems arising during the semester and take the necessary measures to elimiate the deficiencies in the subordinate chairs related to the substantive appeals. The inquiries of the students will be responded promptly through the “UNEC examination” Facebook page.

Within semester, the students and parents will have the opportunity to address to the rector the questions related to the process of conducting exams. As, on January 12 the rector of the UNEC will be the guest of the UNEC Radio live broadcast.

Within semester, along with the  146-1-3 “Hot line” service, the examination headquarters will also operate in all campuses of the university. In each campus of the university the special auditoriums equipped with the internet will be allocated for the preparation of the student to the exams and the working hours of the reading halls will be extended.